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Keith & District Hospital

Medical Centre


Keith and District Medical Centre (KDMC) is co-located with the Keith and District Hospital and is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm


There is a General Practitioner consulting at the clinic, as well as a practice nurse. The clinic is also pleased to host a variety of visiting specialists on a regular basis. 


Keith and District Medical Centre is a private billing practice.


There may be a difference between the amount charged for a consultation and the amount refunded by Medicare. This is known as a gap. On most occasions, the gap is the responsibility of the patient, unless the patient is under 16, a pensioner or a Healthcare Card holder.


Example of current gap:

Level A Consultation (Standard) -$67.60 

Rebate from Medicare - $37.60

Gap payable by the patient - $30.00


Related services such as suturing and dressing of wounds, x-rays etc may also require a gap payment. Please feel free to discuss the fee with the KDMC Reception staff at the time of your consultation.





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